Which is better: Rear Roller or Rear Wheels?

Q: Some push reel mowers have rollers on the back and some have two smaller wheels. What purpose do they serve and which one is better?
A: The rollers or wheels on the back of a reel mower stabilize the mower and keep the cutter bar in position while you mow. Without them, the cutter bar would be moving up and down resulting in an uneven cut.
I think the rollers are better. Lawns are not usually, if ever, perfectly flat. If you have wheels on the back, those wheels will drop down into any little low spot in the lawn, perhaps allowing the cutter bar and reel blades to hit the ground. This is called “scalping” and it is not good for the grass. For some types of turf grasses it can lead to dead areas on your lawn. Scalping dulls and can even damage the mower blades.
A roller, on the other hand, will keep the blades always at the highest point of the lawn surface, and therefore prevents scalping. Because the roller does not follow every little contour the way the wheels do, it gives the lawn a smoother appearance and makes the mower a bit easier to push. Most of the mowers that we sell have rollers on the back.