Mixed Grass Medium

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Here are the Reel Mowers, Etc. products most suitable for your lawn. Please click on the products for detailed information:

Silent Cut 18 Reel Mower

This heavy duty reel mower is built to last! Large wheels and solid construction and a non-contact (silent) blade system make this mower one of the most popular on the market. Six blades easily cuts any lawn type. A little extra weight lets this mower hug the ground for a more even cut. You can sharpen it yourself following instructions for on this site. Average customer sharpens once every two or three years. Grass catcher is available. sharpening kit

Silent Cut 18 Reel Mower for Upright Grasses
Same great mower with extra large wheels for a mowing height of about three inches, recommended for upright grasses in hot climates. Grass catcher is available. sharpening kit

Silent Cut 21 Reel Mower
This heavy duty not-for-sissies reel mower is popular with people who are taller than average, fairly strong, accustomed to working with heavy duty tools and have a large yard. It has the widest mowing width of any reel mower on the market! sharpening kit

Tow behind reel mower - you can pull these with an old riding lawn mower or even an electric wheel chair!  sharpening kit