Real remarks from reel customers!

LOVE THIS MOWER!!! (21inch Masot/Silent Cut- for general upright grasses)I have not found many reviews on this type of mower and whether or not it would be good to use in Florida (my lawn is a mix of St. Augustine, Bermuda, and other). I just bought a home in Tarpon Springs Florida in Pinellas County (Tampa Bay). We are right on the Gulf of Mexico -we get plenty of HOT weather, sun, and rain. I was not sure what grass I had, and my lawn was of medium size. I was told I was CRAZY for getting a piece of equipment such as this. Most people go down to their local home improvement store and buy a cheaply made gas powered machine. This thing is a piece of art. It is a tough as a tank, slices like a surgeon, and looks like a Ferrari. My kids tried it, my girlfriend loved it- shouted "easy!!!", and I laughed at my winnings because I took a chance and won when I was told that buying one of these would be a complete waste of money. This is a solid piece of steel equipment that you will have for a lifetime. Easy to put together, and easy to use.Try one you wont be sorry-promise. PS-Marjorie was really cool and was able to be available for all my questions. Please use this for a review-10/10, A+, 100% AWESOME MOWER!!!!! Jason Barton- Tarpon Springs Florida (Tampa Bay) Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe Reel Mower

First I will say DO NOT purchase a reel mower from anywhere else except for Reel Mowers Etc. Marjorie is the greatest. She answered all my questions, customized my order and made it so simple. My mower arrived in just 3 days. I did a lot of research online to find the best reel mower until I decided on the Silent Cut. I have used reel mowers exclusively on my Bermuda including Great States and Fiskars. I wish I had found this mower 3 years ago when I established my new lawn. It is the only mower I've found that will properly cut bent grass. I have a large lawn so I chose the 21". This mower is the BEST one by far; it comes razor sharp and is strong enough to plow through the thickest turf. Just like some of the other online reviews indicate you should beware; the 21" model is heavy (by design) and if you are attempting to cut at a very low height, it will take serious effort the first few rounds. I have extremely dense Bermuda that I maintain with a rigorous regiment of care and treatments and this mower cuts a true 1/2" height. This mower is definitely for the homeowner that is serious about maintaining their lawn. The other Bermuda yards in my neighborhood stay chopped up with swirls an yellow from the abuse of the rotary mowers. Mine is beautifully manicured thanks to the Silent Cut. Thanks again Marjorie! Aaron - Fort Mill, SC Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe reel mower with 9 inch wheels. 45-0252SW

Hi Margie, I wanted to get back with you and let you know that my husband loves the mower. Thank you for the quick shipment. It is like he received a shiney, new, red car. He wanted to mow the lawn immediately and was very happy with the way it performed compared with the one we are replacing. The package came without the hardware but we were able to get this at our local Home Depot and the company called us twice to offer to send it quickly if not. Thanks again. Aileen S.- Georgia Mascot Silent Cut 21 Reel Mower for Bent Grasses 45-0252-SW

Hi Margie, Thanks for the email - the mower is great! I de-thatched the yard, and that really helped keep it from getting caught up on old grass bits. My husband and I love it. I'd prefer to not receive email updates, though I really appreciate you asking. Thanks again, and happy July 4th! Jane in El Paso TX Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower

Hi Margie, Wanted to write and thank you for your help getting me started on my Mascot 18" reel mower. I am 60 years old with balance problems; and was able to push the mower easily through my lawn for the first mow...and the lawn was more than six inches tall. Mowing will be a breeze now that the lawn is down to a reasonable height. The mower was easy to assemble and appears rock-solid in construction. I hadn't used a manual push mower since I was 12 years old; it is nice to use one again. Also nice I won't be paying lawn service companies in the future--they are very expensive here in San Antonio and often unreliable. Using the Mascot will save me at least $100 per mow; and for about 30 minutes each week, I will have a beautiful lawn. I also want to mention that my mower arrived with a manufacturer's defect which can happen occasionally. I would like your potential customers to know that you were absolutely wonderful in getting the problem resolved. To me, this experience speaks volumes regarding the commitment that you and the Mascot manufacturer make to your customers. I could not be more pleased; and recommend you and the Mascot mower without reservation to anyone wanting a high quality manual push reel mower.Very sincerely, Linda Stone, San Antonio TX Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower

I recently ordered a roller for my Tru Cut mower. I could not ask for better service, using PayPal, the part was delivered in 2 days and your confirmations. If I have any needs in the future, they will come from you. Thanks Dickie Burrris Old Hickory TN TC20

Marjorie, thank you so much for such quick delivery (on Earth Day, no less!), and fast response! I had already mowed my lawn the day before, but there's always a couple of areas that my tractor can't get. I used the Mascot, and it mowed beautifully! Can't wait to use it on the whole yard! Thanks again! Linda Wilson in Ohio Mascot Silent Cut 18

Hello Ms. King, I received my mower today, shipping was prompt and I'm very pleased with the quality. I purchased this mower for my parents who are in their early eighties and they tried it out and loved how easy it was to push. They are looking forward to using the mower during the cutting season. Andrew Danylchuk, Brooklyn New York Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower Mascot Sharpening Kit

Hi Margie, Received the mower and used it today and it's awesome! Thanks for the prompt service. Yes, emails are ok. Thank you, Oli Lob, Kailua Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower Mascot Sharpening Kit


Marjorie, Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with the Mascot after several mowings. I struggled all last Summer with the previous reel mower that I had. It just couldn't cut get through my emerald zoysia with one pass. The Mascot on the other hand glides through with ease. Thanks again! Rob in Alabama Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower Mascot Silent Cut 18 Grass Catcher

Marjorie: The sharpening kit just arrived, along with the refrigerator magnet and key ring. Thanks very much for you help with this. I tried the mower out over the weekend, and the results were fantastic. It's just what I was looking for. Pleas add me to your e-mail list for new products, updates, etc. Thanks again. Fred from Maryland Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower for Upright Grasses Sharpening Kit

Marjorie, The parts arrived just the other day, now my mower is back in action. Thanks so much for your prompt and courteous service, I appreciate your help with getting my more back in the grass. If I have any more parts needs during my tour overseas you will be the first and only company I call on. Thanks again, Brian, US Army Overseas Scotts Classic Reel Lawn Mower Parts

Marjorie,I received the reel for my mower. Installed it on the weekend and cut the lawn. LOOKS GREAT! Tony Sullivan, British Columbia Reel Roller for 20ö McLane Power Reel Mowers

I am loving my 21" Mascot. It does a great job. Thanks Dennis in Virginia Mascot Silent Cut 21 Reel Mower

Dear Marjorie, I just purchased your Silent Cut 18" kit. Thanks for hooking up with Amazon! I buy most of my online goods from them anyway, so they already had my info. I've been wanting to buy a reel mower for a couple of years now, but only recently have I really been researching them. Thanks to your website reelmowersetc, the decision was a no-brainer. I admit I've been to other websites lately--and almost bought from someone else--but you have a great Testimonial section that gave me much more info than the other site(s). You've definitely put a lot into your website plus made the purchase through Amazon very easy. Yeaaaa! Am looking forward to receiving this mower and will definitely let you know how it works on my SE Texas St Augustine grass! Thank you for doing what you do! T Layer Sugar Land Tx Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses Package

Marjorie, Thanks a lot for such amazing customer service yesterday! I can't wait to receive the Silent Cut 21 Reel Mower. I suggest you read the book "The Wheel Of Health" by G.T. Wrench. Yes, keep us updated as many times as you want! I'm in a hurry right now but I have a few more book suggestions to make. Richard Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe Reel Mower Sharpening Kit

Marjorie, Thank you for your help with the sharpening kit. It's refreshing to have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person at the other end of the line. Christina Lexington, Ma. Mascot Sharpening Kit

Ms. King, the wonderful mower arrived today in spite of what the tracking information said. I have Bermuda grass that likes to be cut short. Previous reel mower was not up to the task. The Mascot handles it perfectly! Thank you.
Sincerely, Jim in South Carolina Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower (45-01931)

Hi Margie, My mower arrived this morning.  I have assembled it and had a practice run...and love it!  Its so much better quality than anything I've seen here in Australia. Thank you for all your help. Happy mowing!
Jennifer Keast
Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe Reel Mower

Margie,  I just received my mower yesterday,  already mowed the front garden,  it works like a dream.  Thank you for the little light, I put it directly on my key chain,  by all means send me updates.  I'm thinking about ordering the grass bag attachment for the mower,  does this work well?  Also do you have a catalog?   Enjoyed talking to you on the phone,  have a wonderful day and thanks again for your prompt service and help.    Dorothea Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower

Marjorie, I got my Mascot 21"on Tuesday (ordered on Thursday) very quick service considering the weekend and a Holiday on Monday. Thanks for the fast service. It has been raining ever since I got the mower but I couldn't stand not trying it out so I cut a little grass in the rain to see how it worked. And it worked great and is a very heavy duty mower. I guess I do have a question and that is "Is it OK to cut wet grass with the Mascot 21".  I saw in the owners manual that it said only cut dry grass and never cut wet or damp grass. I was wondering what the harm is? Will it harm the mower cutting wet grass or did the manual say that because the wetness will lay some of the grass down and not make an even cut? Anyway, I love the mower so far even if I did get wet. Thanks, Capt. Dennis in Virginia Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe Reel Mower

Thanks Marjorie! I appreciate your pricing and free shipping, saved me a bundle vs. your competitors! - Casey in Wake Forest Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower and Mascot Grass Catcher.

Yes Margie, it arrived this afternoon - blazingly fast considering we talked only on Friday, great service! And we've already assembled and put it through its paces over our entire lawn - looks terrific... It's really a heavy, solid machine - and rumbles over everything especially the little bumps and roots we have - but does a solid job. We are used to the Brill Luxus (which it dwarfs), and this is a good workout by comparison but goes faster because it's 40% wider. Basically it feels like an SUV compared to the Prius we're used to, but of course it's MGC-1-21 still good for the earth!Sure, please keep in touch - and thanks again. Cheers, Jim from Princeton, NJ Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe Reel Mower and Sharpening Kit.

Hi Margie:
Thank you for the shipping notification and the inclusion of the thank you gift. I've had a chance to use the mower twice, and we are very impressed with it. We're looking forward to using it with the catcher once it arrives. Your service and communication has been excellent throughout the purchasing experience. When people ask about our mower and where to get one, we'll point them to you.  --Matt in San Diego (the lucky recipient of the Mascot mower) Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower Package

Hello Margie, 

Thanks for the quick service!  My mower arrived this morning.  I just finished mowing even though Sat. is the day I usually mow.  Works really nice - smooth.  I was not sure how to set the height - not good at following directions!  I just mowed at the height it was set at - seems ok.  Anyway - thanks again and I will refer you to others!
Enjoy your day. Kimberly in Virginia Mascot Silent Cut 18 Deluxe Reel Mower (45-01931)  and Mascot Sharpening Kit MSK-CH

Hello Marjorie,
I want to thank you for a fine product. My wife bought the 21" Silent Cut Mascot Reel Mower for me as a Christmas present. It has surpassed my expectations and I love it. I've been using a Gilmour reel mower for three years now, but it's time I retire the Gilmour Girl now that I've got the best mower on the market.
We have a pretty huge yard for our area. It's just over a quarter acre, and the grass grows thick and fast down here. Our yard is so much healthier since I started using a reel mower. Gil D'Aquin Jefferson LA Mascot Silent Cut 21 Deluxe Reel Mower

Hi Marjorie, I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my new reel mower. I was a little unsure of how I was going to like it simply because I was unable to see it before making my purchase. I think I told you I am a perfectionist when it comes to my lawn care. It has exceeded my expectations! For the short time that I have been using it the lawn has improved in appearance. In fact I can hardly wait until next spring arrives to have a full cutting season to see the overall appearance. I will forward you pictures once my lawn has reached growing season maturity. Regards, J. Bone Toronto, Canada (Mascot Silent Cut 18 45-01931)

Good morning Marjorie,
I finally had the opportunity to put the reel mower to the test. All I can say is WOW!!! This reel mower put my Scotts Classic mower to shame. The most noticeable difference is how effortlessly the mower cuts the really thick portions of my Bermuda grass lawn. These are the same spots where I would have to get a running start (not an exaggeration) to give the Scotts mower the chance to not bog down while cutting. I was a little unfair with my first evaluation because I let my grass grow for almost 1 solid week before cutting it with my Mascot Silent Cut 21. It took me about 40 minutes to cut my grass and I barely broke a sweat. The only reason I was sweating was because it was in the mid 90's and I live in Alabama. To put this cutting time frame in perspective, If I waited more than 3 days between cutting with my Scotts mower, it would take me over 1 1/2 hours to cut my grass and I would be almost exhausted by the time I was done. My grass is noticeably smooth, uniformly cut and manicured because there are no wheel line grooves or wavy cut lines because this mower hugs the ground like a high speed sports car in a hair pen turn. I extremely happy that I purchased the Mascot. The bottom line is that it puts the Scotts Classic mower to shame. Thanks again for the recommendation. Danny Lushington, Wetumpka, Alabama.
Mascot Silent Cut 21

My My My...  What a difference the roller bar makes.  My mower feels so much more solid.  I was running out of day light so I cut my front yard before installing it but once installed the mower felt like it handled better.  The next day I cut my backyard and noted that the mower does in fact handle better.  When the grass really gets into the growth mode I'll be able to appreciate the roller even more.
Now tell me more about that sharpening kit.
Walter, Memphis TN MCLN20 Reel Roller for 20" McLane Power Reel Mowers

Hi - I wanted to let you know that I received the parts.  Thank you. I must tell you, I love this lawnmower.  I always wanted to try a reel mower and when I saw this one at a garage sale, I bought it.  The woman I bought it from said it had not been sharpened for as long as she remembered but it was still cutting the grass.  I used is for several seasons before I had it sharpened and loved it.  (Thought I must admit, sharpening the blades did make a difference in pushing it.)  I receive many compliments on my lawn and several people have stopped and asked me about my "old fashioned" mower.  One woman even asked if she could try it.  (She mowed a patch of my lawn for me - rather Tom Sawyerish on my part.)  So, not only does it do a superior job in helping me maintain my lawn, it's good exercise, eco-friendly, and a conversation piece. 
So, I thank you very much for helping me repair it. And, please do send my information when you update the website or have new products.
Thank you again, J.K. Syracuse N.Y. (Mascot reel mower parts for old Scotts Silent)

Hi Margie, Received the part today. Thanks so much. Great seller. I appreciate your help.
Juan Parts for Scotts Classic Reel Mower.

I just want to say thank you for your prompt customer service.  I will definitely use your business for any future mower needs even though I may find the price cheaper at the big box stores.  You're not only committed to your products, but helpful with questions, which is something that lower prices at larger retailers does not match up too. Thanks again, David! David in New Mexico, USA.

Reel mowers were not a new thing to me.  Or, so I thought.  Four years ago I had purchased a Scotts Classic 20 to mow with.  And I was happy with it.  It did what it was supposed to do and wasn't hard to push.  And my yard looked good and got compliments.  This summer the nylon pinion gears failed me.  They wore out and the reel turned sporadically.  After speaking with Margie at Reel Mowers, Etc., I decided it was time for an upgrade.  Through a series of questions and answers we settled on the Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses.  I only thought I knew about reel mowers!  When this arrived I assembled it in less than 15 minutes.  The difference between this and the Scotts is similar to comparing the cheapest Wal-Mart mower to a nice Honda mower.  Unbelievable!!  I was a bit skeptic about going from a 30 pound mower to one that weighed in at 45 - a 50% weight increase.  The Mascot is a little more difficult to get started, but much easier to push after the first yard or so.  Overall, probably a smaller fatigue factor with the Mascot.  Plus, I don't buy gasoline.  I don't change oil or spark plugs.  It took me four years before I needed to sharpen the Scotts.  No telling how long before the Mascot will need a touch up.  Look at my yard.  See for yourself.  The Mascot works for my .42 acres.  It will probably work for your small yard, too. Charles Cleveland, GA Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses.

The Amish-made sharpening kit (from Ronks, PA) is very good. The original McLane kit never worked for me, their sprocket gear kept pulling off their adapter plate, making it useless. And even after they sent me a 2nd one, it did the same thing! Poor engineering.
The Amish sharpening kit, I just used it on my newest Mclane 10-blade reel mower (my older one only has a 7-blade), which helps for finer and lower cutting. It is simple and effective for sharpening. Nathan Gant, Oviedo, FL MSK-PM-PT

Hi, Marjorie.  The mower came yesterday and I took it out for a spin on my VERY rough lawn.  It worked beautifully.  Thanks, again.  RG Austin TX Mascot Silent Cut 21

"I installed the roller this morning.  The installation took less than 20 min. and no instructions are needed, not even for the un-handiest of handymen.  Thank you for a great product and great service.  I ordered the wrong roller to start with - totally my fault.   You willingness to correct my mistake was greatly appreciated.  I am attaching a picture of my lawn  just mowed.  90 min. prior to this picture I had not even begun to install the roller.   Thanks again and I hope to continue to do business with  you.  You have my highest recommendation" 
Wayne Stevenson, Greenwood, SC    Reel Roller for McLane 20" Power Mower.
Please click here to see Wayne Stevenson's Lawn.


Got it today. Already used it. Works great (golf course like). Thanks for your super prompt service. Michael Reel Roller TC20 for TruCut Power Reel Mower.
Please click here to see his yard.

Hi Margie - the mower came on Friday, and I assembled it, adjusted the levels and did a trial run! It's great and just what I need here. Julie H., Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana (Mascot Silent Cut 18).

Margie - Thanks for all your assistance.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.  The Mascot 6 is effortless to push and slices and dices my new Bermuda with razor like precision.  And not only do I get a great cut, I'm getting off the "power grid" at the same time, which of course saves both $$ and time.  I'm also getting some strange looks from my neighbors. However, should they ask about this new fangled contraption I'll be sure to share the secret and give them your website address.  Thanks again for all your help. Chip Miles Marietta, GA Mascot Silent Cut 18

Good Morning, Just wanted you to know the mower came in Friday afternoon!!! I got to try it out over the weekend and it is just perfect for our yard!!! Thanks so much. Michelle, Gainesville, Florida Mascot Silent Cut 18

Hi Margie,
The mowers are nearly "inmate proof" when it comes to quality and I intend to purchase one for myself later this year. Thanks for all your help and I hope you are doing well!! Mike, Oregon, Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses.

I am in the second season of having a Reel Roller on my McLane 20" 7 blade mower. I can't recommend this product highly enough. My Tifway lawn is not very smooth, but the Reel Roller allows me to cut the grass down at 1/2 inch, where Tifway makes that classic carpet, without scalping! This would simply not be possible with the original casters on the mower.
Jon Henderson, Spring Hill, Tennessee (Reel Roller)

Hi Margie,
I just wanted to let you know I LOVE the new horse-drawn mower!!! It's soooo much nicer than the gas riding mower. There's no awful noise and I don't have to worry about getting stuck or tipping over on hills. Not to mention, we get the job done quicker because the mower is wider and the horse is faster. Milt loves the mower too! He's getting really good at making tight turns, going around trees etc. What a great training tool. Work your horse and mow your lawn at the same time! I'll try to get Cheyenne to take some pictures the next time we mow. Maybe this summer we can even make a video to put on Youtube, if I can figure out how to do that. Mowing is my new favorite activity. I'm not kidding. Everyone with a large lawn and a well-mannered horse that drives should try one. Mascot really designed a nice mower! Amish Riding Lawn Mower
Leslie Knight, Trumansburg, New York.
And after using the mower for one season "One thing I would suggest for anyone interested in the mower would be to get the flat-free tires. I wanted the pneumatic tires because I thought the ride would be less jolting. It probably is, but we've had a lot of problems with flat tires."

Finally we had the extraordinary experience to use the mower in the soccer field and I have to said that I was surprised of the extraordinary performance of the equipment, in fact I'm very surprise why we don't have that equipments in the tropical's countries were the management of the weed is very time/fuel consuming. I'm also attaching some pictures and a video of the farm foreman using for the first time the mower I think you can see his face of happiness!!!.
Osvaldo Corella
Forest Engineer
LaForesta Plantacion
GO501 Gang Reel Mower

Thank you for the great communication regarding my order.  I look forward to continuing my business with you as I am in the infancy stages of starting a "greenscaping" company to combat the armies of noisy mower teams hustling around towns and cities everywhere.  I find a lot of comfort in your website with the insights, information, and ideals.  The emails from you personally is an experience completely unique to me in my years of online shopping.  I would be glad to receive future emails about new products etc you may add. Matt Zollman , Owner, Lawnsculptors Inc. Monmouth OR. Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper

Hello Ms. King,
I received the mower last week and was able to try it this past weekend. It works great! It's nice and quiet and isn't that much harder to push than the engine powered mower. I really enjoy using it. Thanks for your help and for selling a great product.Regards, Brian in Ft. Collins CO  Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses

Dear Marjorie:

I have been using the Silent Cut for a couple of weeks now, and I wanted to let you know it is an absolute joy to own.  It handles our tough St Augustine grass and uneven/sloping lawn without any problem whatsoever, though it was a good call to recommend the heavier model.  It is easier to push than my old rotary mower and turns cutting the grass into an opportunity for quality time with the garden, even in the current heat wave we are experiencing in Austin.  

I wanted to thank you as well for your help and personal service.   It was a pleasure ordering from you and please feel free to add me to your mailing list. Richard H. Austin TX Mascot Silent Cut 21


I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box.  The mower is virtually

identical in engineering and design to my Yard Man.  I loved the Yard Man

but I was about ready to throw it away because the company went out of

business and I couldn't get a replacement part.  Seems clear that Martin has

picked up the Yard Man machine and design. Now I know that the machine I

bought from you will be great without even trying it. And now I'll be able

to get parts for the old one too.  So glad I found you. You should market

your mower in Canada - it's clearly the best of the new machines by a

country mile.

(Here's a picture of my original Great American Ball Bearing mower too -

this is the gold standard.)    

Thanks again Marjorie. Good to do business with someone who cares about good

products and good service.

Roy Kusano, Toronto Canada ( Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses)

Hello Marjorie,
We received the package yesterday and Steven (my fiancÚ) is so incredibly pleased with the results he got from it. He said that his blades have never been sharper! I am so grateful for your business and all you have done for us! I will be ordering from you again here in the near future! You got yourself a loyal customer!!!
Best regards, Chrissy/Portrait Lawn Care, Lawrenceville Ga, (MSK-PM-PT)

Hi Margie,
Your personal service is a pleasant surprise you don't see that much with online shopping.
Thank you,
Matt Ragard, Greenville South Carolina (Reel Roller)

Hello and good afternoon Marjorie. Thanks very much for your prompt reply last Friday it was very much appreciated. Marjorie I was able to determine that indeed Home Hardware does carry the Great States "grass catcher" and they ordered one in for me. Thanks Marjorie, your professionalism speaks volumes about your attitude and commitment to "customer service!" Marjorie your Company no doubt does extremely well with you as the "role model" setting the pace. Customer service is a dying art however I am inclined to believe it is the "cornerstone" of your company's success Marjorie. Thanks again Marjorie. Regards, Brant Wilson, Kelowna BC Canada

Hi Marjorie,
Thank you for such a personal interest in your customers.  When my neighbors wander over to check out the new mower, I will certainly let them know about your company and the ease of the ordering/shipping process. 
Thanks, too, for your efforts to assist non-profits who serve persons with disabilities.  As the caregiver for a person with a disability, we would be lost without the non-profits who provide a link to services, employment, and all the other needs. 
I'm excited to receive my mower and look forward to shedding some extra padding around the middle that I picked up somewhere...maybe French fry addiction? 
Please do let me know about product and website updates.
Have a great rest of the week, Kimberly (Brill Razorcut 38)

Thanks for the great service Margie!!!! I am a customer Service person so I totally appreciate the OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! Best Regards & I hope spring makes it to you soon! I can't wait to use the new mower! And to watch my grandson use it! Veronica (Great States 414-16 & SK-1)

Hi Marjorie, I received the gang mower only 7 days after placing the order. I easily put it together and tried it out. It works great. Thanks, Edward Court, Monroe WA  (ProMow Gold Series Five Gang Reel Mower GO501)

From a Parts Customer: (Agri-Fab Silent Reel 18") - just bought it used, in very good shape, a week ago... I've backlap sharpened, adjusted the bar/blade clearance and it cuts newspaper and grass of course...ha a precision pair of scissors. Simply outstanding!! The steel, weight, simple design, and quality in manufacturing of these mowers makes them unequaled in lawn grooming performance! I'm glad to see a company is continuing the tradition...and I hope they remain true to the original design and quality. I also greatly value the neighborliness of your business ethic. Not only does my return to reel-mower lawn grooming bring back to me a warmly remembered quality-time in my life, late 50's - early 60's, your 'neighborhood shop next door' way, completes the nostalgic and fulfilling experience for me. Dennis Ronan, Sublimity Oregon (Agri-Fab Silent Reel 18")".
Note, the Silent Cut reel mowers are high quality replicas of the Agri-Fab Silent Reels, which Agri-Fab stopped making several years ago.

Thanks for your email and follow-up on my purchased item. Actually I received the item today, February 4th. So it arrived a day earlier. Yes you may email me when you update your website or add new products. Thanks for the great service you provide. I am very happy with the product I ordered from you.  
Thanks again, 
Charles Peterson
Fargo, North Dakota (Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System )

I've been too busy to get on this sooner, but I wanted to tell you how much I like my new mower. Even though it's heavier than the Scott's, it seems easier to push, and it actually cuts! It's not as wide as the Scott's, either, but I don't have to re-mow or overlap nearly as much. I don't dread the grass-cutting anymore.
It started out very hard to push, almost like there was too much interference between the blades and bed knife, but it loosened up very quickly. I managed to put a chip in the blade within one minute of using it (this was next to the driveway where my neighbor had been working on his car, so I'll blame him for not cleaning up). A sharpening stone took care of the nick, and all is well.
This mower feels very solidly built, and I think it will last me a long time. I only wish I had skipped the Scott's and bought the Mascot Silent Cut 18 in the first place.
Thanks again,
James in Iowa City (Mascot Silent Cut 18)

Hi Margie -
Thought I'd give you an update on the Silent Cut 18 I bought from you. It
arrived a week ago and I've cut my front and back yards each twice with it.
Wow!! Upgrading from the Scott's to the Silent Cut is like going from a Geo
Metro to a Humvee. The Silent Cut does such a better job - the six blades
work much better than the 5 bladed Scotts (I have ryegrass and it looks
great!.) The Silent Cut doesn't bounce very much at all on rough ground,
and it does not get stuck in small ruts thanks to the bigger tires. You
weren't kidding - this is a GREAT mower! Thanks for the advice! I did have
a question on the lawn sweeper (that'll be my next purchase from you, before
fall) - is the lawn sweeper effective for picking up a thick (3-4") layer of
dry leaves from grass and concrete? I have an Ash tree that tends to drop
leaves all at once in the fall and they get a little deep.
Thanks again! Doug C., Medford, Oregon
 Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses

Hi Marjorie!

Hey, just wanted to thank you for the refrigerator magnet and your note. That's the kind of service that I don't see with a place like Home Depot or That personal touch goes well with the whole push mower thing!

And, speaking of the mower, I must say, it has totally exceeded my expectations. In every way.

This is not a mower. It is a machine. I've been pushing reel mowers for around 25 years, and this doesn't bear any resemblance to anything I've pushed before. I think that whole lightweight craze is misguided, way off base, now that I've been using this one.

Not to say it hasn't taken some getting used to. It is, after all, heavy. But once it gets moving, nothing stands in its way! Plus, I feel like I'm getting the full body workout now - not just legs, but upper body now too.

The supersized 3" model is a bit different than the standard model, so I'd recommend updating the manual - especially the part about what the various adjustments are in order to get to a specific cutting height. Shouldn't take much - probably just an extra piece of paper.

Anyway, Marjorie, thank you again! I am really really satisfied. And I'll probably still be 20 years from now!

gw (
Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses)

Hi Margie:

A report on the silent cut 18 that I recently purchased from you. I
have used it 3 times now and I must say that it is a pleasure to use.
It cuts the grass effortlessly going through thick clumps of grass with
ease. It is such a vast improvement over the Sunlawn LMM40 words fail
me to describe the difference except to say the Sunlawn is a toy in
comparison. I ran my own gardening business for 29 years and have used
reel lawn mowers the whole time. Mostly 26" California Trimmers but we
did have 18" Cooper Clippers and Toro's and this Silent Cut
18 cuts as well as those power mowers. This is the kind of cut I was
expecting when I bought the Sunlawn but didn't get. Fortunately I was
able to return the Sunlawn minus the shipping cost and restocking fee
but that is better than the alternative which was to give it away. I
would recommend the Silent Cut 18 to anyone who wants a reel mower that
is easy to use and does a good job.

Thanks again for your good service

John Le Marquand
formally of GreenWay Gardening Service
Mascot Silent Cut 18

The mower works great.  it almost makes me wish i had gotten the 21" model.   it is so easy to push, much lighter then a traditional powered mower, that i am just kicking myself for not getting it sooner.   
CJ. Mascot Silent Cut 18
I just wanted to send you a quick Thank You for the great 7 blade front throw lawnmower and reel I bought from you. They both were delivered when they were suppose to and they work great. Our baseball field never look better. On behalf of the Buena Baseball team and boosters I would like to Thank You for all you have done for us. Please keep me updated on any new products. We may be needing a new gas edger soon. Do you sell them and if so what is your best price. Thanks Again    John Z. Ventura California (McLane-Honda Reel Mower and Reel Roller

It mows great. It is very efficient for the amount of physical effort needed, and feels like a
solid machine built to last. I hope more people find out about, and use these mowers - I
hope to send you some customers. Stay Good, Thanks for everything! Jerry
Mascot Silent Cut 18

Received the lawn mower and we love it! Never had an easier time mowing
our yard. You can post that! Thank you for your advice on the type to
get-we think it is perfect! Happy Summer!-Angie (Great States 414-16)

As always, thanks for your quick response.  I still can't believe that I was able to mow my lawn in the same amount of time as I could with my rotary mower.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much better the grass looks after a few weeks of the reel mower's scissor cut versus the rotary mower's blunt force trauma cut.  Thanks again. Jimmy G. (Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses)

Hi Marjorie, 
My new reel mower works great!  It is light years ahead of the Sears 20" 5 reel mower (same thing as the Scott's 20") I used earlier this year.  I've only used it in tall fescue part of my yard, but it was a breeze.  The extra weight helps it stick to the ground over bumps for an even cut in one pass!  I found it easier to push than the Sears 20" that weighs 15 pounds less.  I think the key to its performance is the fact that "the supplier has sharpened, lubricated and adjusted your mower with minimal contact for the very best cut."  I'll be sure to let you know how it handles Zoysia and St Augustine too.  Thanks for your help. Jimmy (
Mascot Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses)

We are enjoying our mower very much.  As our neighbors stop to refill gasoline and fix plugs I keep on mowing then sit, enjoy my drink and watch them mow.  You may send e-mails to this address. Have a good day! Katrina and Eric Dye Brill Luxus 38- no longer available, please see Brill Razorcut 38 reel mower

Dear Marjorie,
i know that i was less than enthusiastic about the Avalanche 300. i was
wrong. the thing works great. we have been having snow storm and snow
storm and more snow storms. one part of my roof which is in the shade
must have had over 2 feet of heavy snow. well the 300 works just like in
the videos. much better than the roof rake. it the front of the house
which gets ice dams, the 300 was able to go up about 18" further than
the rake. the plastic slide it still ripped but that doesn't seem to be
much of a problem. so, many thanks, Richard. (Avalanche 300)

Hi Marjorie
It came yesterday!!!! I used it and it really does work great !!!!I will be showing it to people if they want to order one I will send them your way. Thanks again Rick (Avalanche 300)

Thank you for you fine service on such a small order!! Yes you may send me
an e-mail on new products. GR (Sharpening compound for reel mowers)

Hi Margie, Well, I tried both out last night......... Lawn Sweeper After I figured out how to work it, it worked great. Maybe because of the different kinds of grass, the amount of leaves, and how tall the grass was. I kept having to adjust the height based upon where I was at in the yard. I'm thinking that with it now being mowed it will work fine. I had a little difficulty with the bag as it kept coming off yet after working with it, it was fine. Maybe I should have mowed first and then run this through the yard????? Agri-Fab Silent Reel Mower Well, where do I start? This simply put, is one of the best purchases I have ever made!!!! This cut through my zoysia and fescue/bluegrass like there was no tomorrow! I had to go back over a few spots yet that's to be expected I guess from what I have read about this type of mower. I think it took me just about the same or possibly less time than with my other mowers I have had. I absolutely love this thing! It rocks! Here's another awesome thing about it - my 13 year old son can now help me mow! This is huge as this is the first time ever he has mowed a yard believe it or not. He thought it was cool and had an awesome time mowing! Reason for this is that my wife's brother, at the age of 4, got his leg severed at the knee in a lawn mowing accident. He has had a prosthesis ever since from the knee down. So, when I used to mow with gas-powered mowers, the kids either had to be inside or in the back (if mowing in front) or front (if mowing in back). Plus, I can now have all the kids plus dog out when I mow. Do I spray the blades with WD-40 after each use or just let it be? Not sure what else I can say but I'm blown away on how it worked and the ease of how it worked. What can I do to help you get the word out about these incredible machines? I'm willing to help you in any way I can. Plus, I will tell anyone I can about them. If you need help, please let me know! I know you have testimonials on your site. How do I get this on there? Kind Regards, Jim The Agri-Fab Silent Reel is no longer available, please see Mascot Silent Cut 18

Marjorie: Thanks. The mower arrived yesterday. I assembled it today and tried it out. It plows right through the zoysia that bogged down my power mower... and of course no emissions. Do you sell a grass catcher that fits it? Thanks. BG. Silent Cut 18

Hello Mrs. King,
Thank you for the great advice and expert help on the phone yesterday! It was a pleasure talking to you and the more I read about you the more I appreciate your competence, love, and dedication to all you do at Reel Mowers. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Best regards, Daniel 
Mascot Silent Cut 18

Thank you Marjorie. You are probably the best company I have ever done business with online. I really appreciate all the updates.-Maison Hughes

Hi Margie,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband LOVES his new mower and it
arrived in time for his birthday! Thanks again!
Erica (705-16)

Sure....By the way... the reel mower works great. I just planted Bermuda grass this spring and some of it has already come in real thick. It cut through it great.I also have one of the antique reel mowers. The new one puts it to shame. BEN (Great States Seven Blade Bent Grass (705-16)

Benjamin S. Boggess

Dear Margie:

I used my new Scott's Classic reel mower for the first time yesterday.  By the way, assembly wasn't hard at all.  I found Scott's Classic to be a relief to mow with in comparison to my heavy gas-powered walk-behind mower.

I have been considering a change in mowers for at least the last couple of mowing seasons. 
My gas-powered mower gave me trouble with its pull-start nearly from the beginning, and I
usually felt worn out before I even started mowing.  In addition, the self-propulsion mechanism would often "unhook", forcing me to unscrew the cover in order to reattach the wire so that the mower's self-propelled function would work. 

I had used an electric mower a decade or so ago, and was relatively happy with it, though there was the problem of constantly moving the extension cord out of the way.  And, also, repairmen for electric mowers are not so easy to find. 

So, when I began researching a replacement mower, I was hesitant about going with either gas or electric again.  Reel mowers sounded like a good alternative, but could I physically do it?  The information I read about the modern reel mower (its light weight and precision blades) convinced me to try it.

I can now report that using the reel mower is certainly less effort for me than pushing my self-propelled gas model.  And I don't have to yank, and yank, and yank, etc...on a cord to get it started.

Thanks for a fine product.

Sincerely, Lisa Spuhler Scott's Classic

Hello Marjorie!

 I just want to thank you for such incredible service!  I received my mower (and sharpening kit) today!! Only one week from ordering! I will certainly pass your company's information along to others!  Sincerely,  Eugene & Lynette Woodruff Scott's Classic and Great States Sharpening Kit

The sharpener arrived. It works like a champ!! It's been a pleasure doing business with your company. I know where to go for any other lawn mower needs. Thank you, Jake Ostendorf
Great States Sharpening Kit

Hi Marjorie;
 Received the mower yesterday.  It is raining here so we will put it together soon and give it a try. Thanks so much, you run a wonderful business.  Great communication as well as lightning fast shipping. Nina Dougherty
Scott's Classic

Hi Margie,

I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know I received the mower and had a chance to use it this past weekend.  I am definitely sold on using the reel mower vs. the gas mower.  It was a pleasure to be able to mow the lawn without feeling like a greasy grimy mess afterwards, and without choking on fumes and going deaf from the noisy gas mower.  And the best part was that using the reel mower requires little more effort.  There's nothing wrong with getting a little extra exercise!
I'd also like to give my sincere thanks to you personally for your friendly and prompt service.
Best regards,

Hello yourself Marjorie King, 

I checked the UPS shipping number you provided  and mower has s already arrived  in Tennessee and on schedule. The manufacturer (drop shipper) has held true to your promise and shipped in a very timely manner, my kudos to them. 

It's been  my pleasure choosing to do business with you.  The mower I ordered is sold by many distributors but I was impressed by  your site and the fact you've scratched out your own niche in a competitive market. 

I'm four years retired and 70 from  NH .  I own an older mobile home here in Florida.  

I have to laugh at the fact I've just purchased a manual reel mower and am looking forward to using it for a better trimmed lawn (then what  the park owner butchers with riding power mowers).  

The last time I pushed one was 60 years ago when I had to mow a fair sized lawn surrounding the city rooming-house my father was the proprietor of, and I hated it!  

Having lived here for only nine months I'll be mowing more weeds then grass for awhile until I establish a better lawn but at least it will look neater!  ;-) 

Thanks again for a friendly consumer site. Thanks to your personal efforts you show and prove you appreciate each  customer by caring for them as individual persons... not just as customer shipping numbers. 

 Yes, you may e-mail  company updates.

 Continued success, Bob M

Hi Margie,
Got the parts right on time.  Exactly what I needed.  It's so nice to deal with someone as knowledgeable as you!  Thanks bunches. 
Brian Groff (Great States Reel Mower Parts)

Hi Marjorie,
Thanks for your inquiry.  The mower was delivered on Wednesday and I want you to know how much I love it!!
Never thought I'd wax eloquent about a manual mower!!  However, it is true.  It's so well balanced -- as well as lightweight, maneuverable and solidly built.  Very sharp, too -- a precision machine.
It only took a little longer, and I'm sure that was because the lawn was a bit long the first time.  I love the quiet whir and don't miss the vibration and foul gasoline/oil fumes!!!
Thank you for everything.  It was an excellent choice.
Connie (Great States Deluxe Light 18 and Sharpening Kit)

Ms. King, I received the mower today!  I got back from work fairly late and my wife still had it in the car; so I turned on the porch light, put the handle on it, and started cutting.  It cuts like a dream, and it's so quiet.  I felt like a five-year-old boy with a new toy fire engine.  There were a couple dings on it from handling, but nothing that affects function.  I have come to expect this, living half-way around the world!   Thanks for all your help.  Oh, and please keep me posted on the grass shears.  I'd like to know how those work out for you. Much Obliged, Brad

Hi Margie,
 The sweeper arrived today ahead of schedule... And I've already used it.
 Thanks again for you prompt service and I hope we can do business again in the future.         Sincerely, Bob

Hello Marjorie, My dad received his lawn sweeper on Wednesday and he thinks it is great. Now we are just waiting for the leaves to fall so we can try it out! Thanks very much for your help and your cheerful attitude. You are doing a great job. Melanie Cook

Marjorie. Received the mower today. Operation is much easier than expected. jeff (Scott's Classic)

Marjorie - Such personalized attention! Are you a very small operation that is somehow able to offer the lowest prices on the 'Net' or do you simply excel in customer service? I hope I like the mower as much as I have liked dealing with your company!
As leader of the Sustainable Living organization at my church I expect your products will star in a demonstration at some point this spring/summer. I'm happy to spread the word when I come across such a reputable company. 
Kari Darken-Thompson  Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper and Agri-Fab Silent Reel 18
The Agri-Fab Silent Reel is no longer available, please see Mascot Silent Cut 18

Hello, Marjorie,
 Just thought I'd let you know that the mower arrived safe and sound and my husband is very happy with it.  Thank you for the good service.
 BTW, I had saved an article that was in our Vacaville Reporter several years ago about your company and that's how we were able to locate you.  
Glad you are still in business and doing well. Joleene Ladyman (Great States Standard Light Reel Mower)


Hi Marjorie,The lawn mower arrived today.  I've already mowed the lawn and I love it.  Thanks a bunch. Linda Dial Great States Deluxe Light 16 and Sharpening Kit Note: Deluxe Light 16 has been discontinued, please see Deluxe Light 18)


Thanks for the very rapid shipment and great communication! The
sharpening kit arrived two hours ago and it worked like a charm.
May your grass always grow tall and green. 
Cheers, -Daryl Jamgotchian (Great States Sharpening Kit)

Good morning!
I did receive the kit. My boyfriend sharpened the mower and it's cutting like I just purchased it! Thank you so much for your help! Please do email me with any new information you have. I will welcome hearing from you.
Thanks again!
Christine Lajeck Great States Sharpening Kit)

Dear Marjorie, I am so happy to find you!  I, too have migraines and am a "tree-hugger" that is always trying to find ways to help out the environment!  My husband and I live on 220 acres in rural Missouri and find we are so much happier here than in the city (Kansas City, MO).  INFINITELY happier!   
We needed a push mower and found the article about reel mowers in Mother Earth News (February/March 2002.)  I called American Lawn Mower Company and they gave me your web site address!  Since we live in the boonies, I do almost all my shopping on-line! (I also hate crowds and traffic!) 
I loved the article about your business and wish you much continued success!  I, too, run my own small business (private practice psychotherapy).  
I can't wait to get the mower I just ordered!  Keep up the good work! 
Gina Saunders-Oberfoell

Dear Margie, The Scotts was delivered on Monday. I had a chance to try it out today. 
What a difference! Mowing effort is significantly lower over the thicker areas. I also
appreciate the lighter weight. Although certain elements of the Scotts
are not as heavily built as the Agri-Fab, I don't find it to be a drawback. In my opinion 
the Scotts is a better thought out and more precisely built unit. The whole mower is 
much more rigid. The Agri-Fab flopped about between the wheels and main mower body. 
Add to that the rollers rattling along and it gave it a much sloppier feel. I'm so glad that 
I will be able to use a manual reel mower and feel it is a sensible choice. My only regret
 is that instead of inspiring my neighbors, the sight of me leaning into the Agri-Fab at a 
45° angle to keep it moving has probably set the cause back a few years! Sincerely, Mike Toomey (Scotts Classic)

Margie, Hi! Received your package a couple of days ago and  I am thoroughly pleased. The used roller is now installed, but with so much rain...well you know. Thank-you, also for the mouse pad. As you can see by my address, I've recently acquired a new p.c., but did not have a mouse pad. NOW I do. Thanx again, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Parts

Thanks, I sharpened my mower with the kit and the rear bagger works like a charm.  I will use you for resources in the future, will recommend you to others, and would like email updates. David Skinner (Great States Grass Catcher and Sharpening Kit)

Dear sirs, The mower arrived one day ahead of schedule.  Thanks for the UPS tracking information that allowed me to be ready for the delivery.  The assembly took less than 15 minutes and I have already mowed my (small) lawn with it.  Thanks for a good product at a good price.- Mark (Great States Seven Blade Bent Grass 705-16)

Hi, Marjorie King. Thanks for the nice mouse pad and the readable OEM version of the earlier faxed owners manual. Both arrived today via snailMail. You really do an excellent job of getting some real significant meaning back into the phrase "CUSTOMER SERVICE". The quality of both your firms products and your personal service are outstanding and much appreciated. Thanks again, Ted Prater of Memphis

Margie,     Hi! Received your package a couple of days ago and  I am thoroughly pleased. The used roller is now installed, but with so much rain...well you know. Thank-you, also for the mouse pad. As you can see by my address, I've recently acquired a new p.c., but did not have a mouse pad. NOW I do. Thanx again, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Yours Truly, Dan Sebeny (Great States Seven Blade 705-16)

Absolutely Margie, you can send me email on your updates. Thought your website most informative. Learned more about reel mowers and grass in 10 minutes than I have in 40 years. Best of luck to you. Fred 

Thank you for suggesting the Agri-Fab 21" mower. I have used it three times now. My last mower was a McLane reel mower which I like, but this new mower is half the work and half the time. I live that it is 21" wide. I love that it is so sturdy. I love how it doesn't flatten my lawn. I love it's easy five height adjustments. I am using the highest setting and my lawn looks better than it has in years. I have used other reel mowers and gas powered and electric, this Agri-Fab gives me by far my most enjoyable mowing experience. The Agri-Fab Silent Reel 21 is no longer available, please see Mascot Silent Cut 21

Thanks for answering all my questions and making it so easy to find the right product for me. Lance Peterson, Meridian Idaho (Agri-Fab 21" Silent Reel Mower) The Agri-Fab Silent Reel 21 is no longer available, please see Mascot Silent Cut 21

QMofM, Easy to push is an understatement Good Queen. It glides across the lawn with a gentle whirring sound which slices the grass like a razor. It went together much more quickly than I had anticipated and I have done a pass or two across areas that I know are relatively stickless. WOW! I love it. No engine noise. No exhaust. I am looking forward to cutting the lawn tomorrow after work [yes, I know it sounds bizarre, but really, I'm fine and I really do have a life]. In fact I may come home at lunch and do the front yard. It is a little too dark now and I want to run a rake across the lawn before merrily mowing the lawn. I'm as giddy as a school boy and I'm doing the Scrouge happy dance waiting for a cleaning lady to tweak. I bet there will be a few of my neighbors who will want to try it out. I may not let them do so. Or maybe I'll charge them a buck or two. Yikes, I'm prattling. Thanks again. B.kofp&t- Bob Sandner, Great States Corporation Deluxe Light 18.

I was waiting for my mower arrived to reply...Marjorie, it arrived yesterday and we put it together to test it. I was pleased from the start because it was the same size and had the same type of grass-length device, whatever you call that, and when I started out of the garage for a test run, I nearly flew...I don't know what is wrong with my old one but I have to really put my hip into it to get it going and I just naturally did the same (since I've been mowing with this poor, sick mower in this condition for 3 yr), I was nearly in the street before it stopped. I was so happy...the sprinklers had just gone off but I mowed anyway and it is wonderful, definitely worth the money and the trouble of researching...although, you did all the research. Thanks bunches - Shelly Cox (Great States Corporation Deluxe Light 18

Hello! We got the mower, put it together within a half hour, and it cut the lawn great. So nice to mow without noise! Thanks for promoting an earth-friendly product. Faye Kagele (Great States Corporation Deluxe Light 18)

I am loving my mower!!! My dad is getting a kick out of the fact that I'm using the same type of mower he's been using for the last 50 years (Scott brand reel mower)!!  --and, my "power" neighbors think I'm nuts!!
Thanks again!! Steve Knowlton (Great States Corporation Deluxe Light 18)

I received the mower on Friday. My son and I put it together and then it was time to test it. It worked great! So far I like it and I think it is going to do a very good job for me. I took it to my friends house, the one who has an old pro-mow that is wore out after only two years, and we mowed his yard too. There is no comparison, I think he is going to order one from you very soon. Anyway, I think I will like it very much as time goes on. I am pleased with the quality of the equipment and the job it does mowing. thanks, Steve Beagle  Agri-Fab no longer makes the gang reel, Please see ProMow and Mascot gang reel mowers.

We are very happy with the mower, partly because we happen to live in the Ohio River Valley, an area known for its heavy industry and coal fired electric plants. There is already enough pollution in the air here without our contributing to it when we cut our grass! Our lawn is healthier than our neighbors': lush and soft. My husband and I fight over who gets to mow this time...Thank you again, Margaret Lazer (Scott's Classic)

The mower was received in fine working order and has been used three times already. 
Photos of my OLD Great States' mower will be forwarded with full permission to use as you see fit as soon as they're out of the camera. I would like the address of the fellow who has the mower museum. And yes, keep me on your e-mail list. Thanks, David Ditman (Scott's Classic)

The mower is great; thanks! Kate Sonderegger 

The mower is GREAT! However, it does cut my lawnmowing 'workout' down by about 50%; I'll just have to find other ways to exercise! Thanks again, Dave (Scott's Classic)

I received my mower (Great States Seven Blade 705-16 yesterday. I opened it immediately! Within five minutes i had it together (including the bagger) and adjusted to the height  I wanted. I could not wait to try it out. What a wonderful experience I had. This mower is easy to push and cuts great. No loud engine, flying dust or best of all NO gas fumes. Just the smell of fresh cut grass. I could go on and on. I wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had and thank you for your professional service.......Thank You....Lou McAllister

Tried it out and it works GREAT!  Great cut and no pollution -noise or gas/oil fumes.  I think I'm going to like mowing with it.  And, it hangs up easy in my garage.  I like the idea of one mechanical device not relying on fossil fuel.  I've recommended one to my sibs. Practically every homeowner should be mowing with a reel and not a gasoline powered mower.  It's ridiculous to do so.  Besides, the cut from the reel is 100% better than my rotary gas engine mower. - Nancy Krupiarz (Scott's Classic)

I have to tell you what a great experience I had today! UPS delivered my new mower. I put it together and decided to give it a few passes, just to see how hard it would be to push. I just finished mowing my whole property. I just couldn't stop myself! I'm truly amazed...This truly isn't "My father's lawnmower". And, more isn't "my last power mower, either! I didn't have to worry about going to town for gas and arm isn't sore from trying to start it, my shins aren't bleeding from stones getting kicked up into my legs, my ears aren't ringing from the "hum" of the engine, my yard smells like fresh cut grass, not gasoline fumes, my dog isn't hiding under the deck, my back feels great! (I had been worried that I'd be in pain from the struggle...a usual problem after having broken a hip and my back years ago..and being almost 52 now)..I think the low impact exercise it gave me actually eased it instead! And...after all that, the lawn looks better than it ever has...none of that "just mowed.sort of funky yellowish look" ! I guess you can tell I'm happy with my purchase. I just thought you'd like to know : ) Best of luck in your can be sure I'll be spreading your word! Maggie Pitman (Scott's Classic)

Well you were right! Great mower. I went out to try it out after putting it together and ended up doing the whole lawn in 20 minutes. Beats the heck out of a gas mower. Thanks for the advice and a good product. Stuart Leslie (Deluxe Light 18 by Great States Corporation)

Dear Marjorie, Thanks for your letter. I got my mower and, of course, am delighted with it. It never runs out of gas, runs quietly and starts with merely a push of the handle. What more could I ask for. Jack Hamby (Standard Light by Great States Corporation)

Marjorie, Got the mower a couple days ago. The assembly was easy (yah!) and I've been mowing along with ease. It's a great tool. I'm one of the only people with an engine-less approach to yard-care so the sounds of the clikkkkk are a nice change. thanks again. Yvonne Mokihana Calizar (Standard Light by Great States Corporation)

I must tell you that I love my new mower. I have used it several times now and I just can't believe how easy it is to use. Jonathan Billow Scott's Classic

Marjorie, I used my new lawn mower for the first time this evening. The grass was only two days since I last cut it. I must say, my first impression is as delighted as your website suggested! When you get a reel mower going, it just hums along with little noise and effort. And it naturally mulches when the clippings are so short. I'm glad my very green-friendly buddy Rob talked me into trying a reel mower. I figure I may have to mow twice as often, but it should only take half as much time each time. Anyway, just thought you might appreciate the favorable comments... Tim Klepaczyk Scott's Classic by Great States Corporation)

 ■ Received the kit last week and used it over the weekend. Did a great job, mowing's just like pushing butter, smooth! Thanx for your great service. Jay Jackson (Sharpening Kit by Great States Corporation)

Received [mower] today AND my wife used it immediately with happy results - life is good! Mike S. in Highlands Ranch, CO. (Full Feature by Great States Corporation)

Thank you very much...I used the mower yesterday....It was everything that you advertised!!! Lightweight, easy to use, and it cut great...I am very pleased!!! Wesley Wolfe (Great States Corporation - Full Feature Light and Sharpening Kit)

Marjorie, I got the mower last Tuesday - it's great.  Using the real mower actually takes less time to mow my lawn (approx. 3,000 square feet) than it did with my old smog-maker (probably because it took 10 minutes to start the smog-maker!).  On Saturday, I was able to do all my hard chores before 9:00 AM because I didn't have to worry about noise ordinances and breaking the law - way cool! J. Siesfeld (Scott's Classic and Sharpening Kit)

The mower was delivered right when you said.  I really do like it.  Several "skeptics" have tried it out and liked it.  Are we surprised?!  I was really surprised at the sharpening kit.  I expected a sharpening tool.  Hmmm.  I guess it works and will try it out later.

 Yes, I would like to be notified when you update your website.  It's early enough to still be cool enough for me to go out and play with my mower.  What fun!  Thank you Marjorie.  I look forward to visiting with you again.  Sharon  

Received the mower yesterday afternoon. My husband was very pleased with the model I chose for him. Will be recommending your company to others. Thanks, Christa Mallory (Great States Corporation Full Feature 414-16)

The mower works great.
Yes, you may send E mails.
I wish you had more of a presence here in Texas - the air quality in Houston is terrible !!

Margie, I just finished mowing my front lawn with the push mower. I figure people driving by seeing my svelte figure pushing this thing will want to own one ;-)

Anyway, a guy at work saw the newscast and was quite impressed. He lives in El Cerrito and I told him some time ago about Betty's site. Now that he has seen your accomplishments, he thinks I'm the brother of all intelligent woman :-) John King (815-18)