Why Reel Mowers, Etc.?


Marjorie King, Owner

During the mid-1990's I experienced air quality-related health problems that forced me to change careers and location. This was the third time this had happened. Doctors told me that I needed to find a home far from air and noise pollution. I quickly learned that where such conditions existed there are no jobs. I would have to bring my own business with me. I wanted to start a business that would help improve air quality. The internet was just starting to make headlines. I knew that I could operate an internet business from almost anywhere. A business friend who was involved with air quality efforts invited me to a meeting with several state and local air quality-related agencies. They were planning a mower trade-in wherein people who surrendered a gasoline powered lawn mower would receive a voucher for a substantial discount on an electric mower. "Why electric mowers?" I asked. "Why not manual reel mowers?" "No one is going to use one of those things," was the general consensus.

I was not convinced. After all, that was the only kind of lawn mower I had ever purchased and I did not believe that I was the only person who preferred the non-motorized alternative. My research revealed that reel mowers were quietly making a come-back. In fact, Great States Corporation told me that their sales had tripled in the previous decade. Further research told me that it was a feasible idea for an internet business, and so I started Reel Mowers, Etc. By my third year the business was producing a livable income. So I sold my house in Fairfield and moved to the mountains in Siskiyou County, Northern California, near Mt. Shasta. I have always preferred small, local businesses that are focused on offering their neighbors excellent customer service. It is my goal to be your neighborhood reel mower store, to offer quality products and the friendly, personalized service that you deserve. Reel Mowers, Etc. is the sole authorized wholesale broker for Mascot Silent Cut push reel mowers and Mascot gang reel mowers. Dealer inquiries.

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My Personal Promise to you:

  • I respect your privacy
  • I never sell or otherwise share your private information with anyone, except as necessary to process your order
  • I treat my customers as I wish to be treated
  • I appreciate your business
  • If you need me, I'll be here for you after the sale!

"Let me help you choose the best reel mower for you and your lawn!"

- Marjorie King, Owner