How much will shipping cost for my order?

Prices for most items include prepaid standard ground shipping to 48 contiguous United States. Shipping is available for some items to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada but shipping surcharges will apply. Please email Reel Mowers, Etc. for a shipping quote.
California sales tax applies to orders shipped to a California address.

"Prepaid" shipping means that we shipping to your location is FREE unless you return your product. If you return your product then we will subtract the original shipping and handling cost from your purchase price when we issue your refund.

Please tell me the difference between a 7 blade reel mower and a 5 blade reel mower. Are they used for different grasses or for different purposes?

The five blade mowers are used for upright grasses. The seven blade mowers are used for common Bermuda, zoysia, centipede and other common bent grasses.  If your bent grass lawn is thick, a heavier mower will be the best choice. Six bladed mowers can mow any type of grass. If you are considering one of our popular Mascot Silent Cut Deluxe Reel Mowers, it is a matter of matching the mower's height range and the mowing width with your desired mowing height and lawn size.

Will I have to assemble my new reel mower?

All you have to do is attach the handles. This requires from 3 - 7 nuts and bolts, depending on the model. The push lawn sweeper and gang reel mowers are similarly easy to set up, you simply attach the reels to the frame.  Owners manuals for most of our products are available on this web site. Here you will find detailed assembly instructions.

How often do reel mowers need sharpening?

That depends on many factors: size of lawn, frequency of use, exposure to moisture, condition of lawn, whether or not the mower is cleaned after each use and how particular the customer is about the sharpness.

Manufacturers estimates run the gamut from one to eight years. Each manufacturer estimates the length of time before sharpening based on feedback from their customers, and some tend to estimate more conservatively than others. Some customers will find they need to sharpen more or less often than the manufacturers estimate. Since some mowers tend to attract customers with small well-manicured lawns, while others may appeal to customers with larger or rougher lawns, the estimate is not necessarily a true measure of the quality of the mower's blades.

You can help maintain the sharp edge by keeping the both the reel and the bedknife blades clean, dry and well-coated with WD40, silicone spray or other lubricant, storing it in a dry location and keeping the lawn free of twigs, stones or other obstacles that can damage the blades. The Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper is useful for this purpose, as well as collecting leaves and other debris from lawns and sidewalks.

How does one sharpen a reel mower?

Reel mowers are sharpened by "backlapping" - first you apply a sharpening compound to the blades, then you crank the reel backwards using a crank handle that comes with the kit that is available for some of our reel mowers. The compound rubs between the reel blades and the fixed blade at the bottom, sharpening both. 

Please click here to see our sharpening kits.

How hard are reel mowers to push?

Although some mowers are more difficult to push than others, all of our mowers are reasonably easy to push when used properly, which means you have chosen the appropriate mower for your lawn, you mow frequently, so that only one third of the blade of grass is being mowed at a time, you keep the mower lubricated and sharpened. Please see your owners manual for the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations. 

Reel mowers cut like a pair of scissors so they can only cut what gets caught between the blades. If the grass gets too tall, it will be pushed to the ground and hacked up in an uneven fashion. In order to recover from over-grown grass, it is usually possible to go over it twice, then mow again in a couple of days. Sometimes a rotary mower or weed whacker may  be used to bring the grass down to a better cutting height.

If your mower is difficult to push on a flat surface, such as cement, it may mean that it was jarred out of adjustment or damaged in shipping. Please check the owner's manual, then call us if you need further assistance. It is important that you inspect the box for damage before accepting your shipment, and ask the driver what you must do if you suspect the contents may have been damaged in shipping.

What if I want to return my mower?

Please click here to read our Return Policy.

What kind of warranty applies to my product? 

After the 30 Reel Mowers, Etc. return period, please refer to the manufacturer's warranty. Please click here to see the list of manufacturer warranties.

How do I know the best mowing height for my lawn?

Choosing the best cutting height is one of the most important decisions you will make for the health and beauty of your lawn. The best sources of information about lawn care are universities, seed and sod producers, departments of agriculture and the volunteers with the nationwide Master Gardener program. Climate and soil can affect this decision, so the best information comes from a regional source such as the local Master Gardeners. When you locate a credible source of information you will find that they usually give a range of recommended mowing heights, such as "1.5 to 3 inches". Choosing a height at the higher end of that range has many benefits. The blades of grass act as solar collectors; they feed the plant, so taller grass is providing more energy for the lawn and encourages deeper root systems. Deeper roots mean the lawn will be more drought tolerant because during dry spells, it is the surface that dries out fastest, so the deeper soil contains more water.

Taller grass tends to invite fewer weeds. Some weed seeds must have direct sunlight to sprout, so the shading effect of the taller grass can prevent these weeds from even getting started. Others will simply be crowded out by the tall grass.

Another benefit is the frequency of mowing required. It is best to mow often enough that you are not cutting off more than one third of the length of the blade in any mowing. If you mow to a finished height of 1.5" then you must mow every time the grass grows a half inch. If you mow to a finished height of 3" then you only have to mow every time the grass grows an inch.

Weeds tend to grow faster than grass, so mowing more often will help to prevent those towering weeds that don't get caught between the reel blades and the cutter bar, and therefore do not get cut. Your taller grass will be greener, healthier, need less water, have fewer weeds and will filter out more pollutants and produce more oxygen than a lawn that is mowed too severely.
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I am looking for parts for an old reel mower...

Please visit our parts page for contact information for our manufacturers. If you do not find what you need there, then The Reel Lawn Mower History and Preservation Project is the best place to start looking for parts for your old reel mower, although these are generally not easy to find and may not be available anywhere.

What products are available for shipping to Canada?
Many of our products are available for shipping to Canada. Please email me to see if we can ship your item to Canada and for a price quote.

Why aren't all of your products available for shipping to Canada?
All of our suppliers ship directly to our customers for us. Some suppliers do not ship to Canada, often because they have distributors there.